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Xplayn is a discovery platform for esports gear and gaming equipment, with a data-driven algorithmic Xscore-ranking of every 🖱️ ⌨️ 🎧 & ◼️ in esports. We empower decision-making for gamers by aggregating data & first-hand experience from professional players and the core gaming community.

We're on a mission to build the worlds most useful discovery engine for esports gear, respectfully served without advertising crap or marketing mumbojumbo. A free research tool for the pc master race community, monetized through relevant and informative referral links that doesn't crap all over the user experience.

*All numbers illustrative, screenshot not based on actual data or user ratings. It's just a visualization, okay?

A new community standard for how pc gaming peripherals are benchmarked and truly valued.




We like to laugh

We also like to be funny.

200 IQ BrainWASD smth

Sadly funny doesn't like us. Feelsbadman.


Xplayn is seriously esports, not serious esports. The esports community shoot each other in the head, plant bombs and click ass. Esports is exciting because it's our culture to define, without corrupt central organizations of people who play with their balls.

seriously esports, not serious esports

We strive for content with color and believe laughter is the best solution for a pathetic headshot rate. We hope our articles, videos or weird tribute projects can help shine USB-powered RGB disco on esports.


Our content and coverage primarily focus on honoring the people who make esports awesome today, as well as the people that made it all possible to begin with.

This includes long-form /whois profiles with long-long-form video interviews and color-videos.


Most websites in gaming operate on an advertising or sponsorship-driven business model, which devalues either user experience or content credibility. Or, both. We have chosen a different path for Xplayn. We designed our website to respect your time, respect your attention and respect your authority.

Support our mission by signing up and slotting your gear. That's when browsing Xplayn's index of esports gear starts to feel really unique.

Play Hard, Make History

Kim Rom
Founder & CEO