Play Hard, Make History

The Astralis players and management team have accomplished the impossible. They have defied all odds. Over and over.

A Danish team stands above Fnatic, NIP, NAVI and the other powerhouses.

Headshots = Money

Achievement unlocked: the highest winning team in the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a fairytale accomplishment for what is also the youngest brand among the top 10.

Sunday evening the five Danish players in Astralis accomplished something in esports, that was fundamentally unimaginable to me. With their victory at the London Major, Denmark has now won more prize-money in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive than any other country in the world.

Sweden moves down to 2nd place.

Boom, headshot!

As a Dane, feelsgood man. So, how? How is the smallest country on the list, a nation of 5 million Vikings, represented so strongly in esports? Nature or Nurture? Genetics or Culture?

I think it’s culture.

Culture is at its essence behavioral programming, the mind is a wet state drive and we begin imprinting the cultural ruleset surrounding us from birth. When you have kids, you realize that everything is a phase, micro-evolutionary steps necessary for developing skill and personality. The same evolutionary phases, crawl, walk, run, applies to communities.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing esports develop locally all over the world, where especially Sweden and the United States always stood above the rest. Through random luck and chance (not by strategy), the Danish community also developed the right mindset and approach to winning. An online culture formed without national handicaps, raising the standard at which all new players formed. BrainWASD from first frag.

That’s why Denmark, despite fewer players than any top 10 country above, is home to such remarkable players and talent.

Congratulations to everyone in Astralis. I hope you keep accomplishing the impossible. For maybe the first time, I’m a little proud to be Danish.