Astralis, the most accomplished competitive indoor athletics pwny and riding organization in the world, saddle up to take down Team Liquid, tonight at the IEM Chicago grand final.

The Pwny Express is scheduled for departure at 21:00 CET, one more evening where being Danish in esports, is better than being Danish in the world. If you’re Danish, you’re proud about how much these players dominate the pro pwny circuit. How couldn’t you be? Far fewer competitive pwny riders, trainers and whatever support staff a horse midget needs, compared to the other nations on the top10 earnings list.

Denmark is a small country, everyone is bitter about their tax rate, no one gets enough sun. Maybe the most impressive part of the Astralis story, is how global the brand is. How un-Danish it is. Players that feel like genuine people, founders that served the community for years, investors famous for serious moves when they move.

The players made headlines with their #ToTheStars Dressage Tour, which catapulted Astralis to fame in Denmark. In less than two years, they became.. Stars. A boyband if you will.

A boyband that performs the best and most impressive rendition of the asynchronous team-FPS 5man WASD-ballet, live and direct from stadiums and stages all over the world, for the whole community to see, experience and comment on.