Valve speaketh:

Join the pros who battled in The International Grand Finals — World Champions OG and runners-up Team Liquid (now the newly-dubbed Nigma) — alongside a live theater audience in Berlin, Germany on January 28th for the world premiere of True Sight: The International 2019.

If you're into Dota2 you've seen the previous episodes, in which case this ProLifeTip isn't for you. But if you haven't seen True Sight because its just "a video about Dota2" you're wrong. Simply put. Trust me, it's free.

True Sight tells the story of Dota2 players, without making Dota2 more than a plot device that keeps the movie going. But, as it is Dota2 being played, there is one additional aspect of these videos worth remarking; there's a ton of money on the line.

Which is part of the magic and pressure of professional Dota2, the biggest tournaments are played for truly lifechanging prizepools - which consistently delivers the best competitive performance and games imaginable.
Both individual player performances and team-based execution will often leave you speechless, this is a game where professional players invest themselves 100%.  Or 110% if you will, it's consistently unlike anything I've seen in any other game.


Really, this is worth your time. The two best episodes in order of epicness;

The one with the most epic comeback

If you've ever wondered what the russians on the EUWest server is writing to you during pub games, here's your answer. If you've ever wondered how pro players approach games to win them, this will be the best thing you've ever seen.


The one with the most epic fluke

Some teams play together for years and years, to reach a level of team-play and execution that rival that of synchronized swimming. And then there's OG, they just wing it a bit and then... Fluke happens.