Play Hard, Make History

We’re proud to welcome you to the Closed Beta of Xplayn, a modern independent advertising-free esports community. Designed to respect your time, respect your attention and respect your authority.

If you’re interested in Beta Access, please let us know what gear you are using *

* so we can upgrade your user experience before your visit


We’ll continuously invite new users to the beta-test as we expand our data sets, new invitations will go out daily(ish).

Xplayn is a discovery platform for esports gear and gaming equipment, with a global ranking for every mouse, keyboard, headset and mousepad used in esports - powered by our Xscore algorithm. A new community standard for how pc gaming peripherals are benchmarked and truly valued.

We offer

  • Access to a detailed global ranking of every mouse, keyboard, headset and mousepad used in esports, based on the Xscore algorithm and community ratings of performance, comfort, build quality, value for money
  • Data and wisdom from verified hardcore players with thousands of hours of competitive playtime, digitized thru a community-powered micro-review system that eliminates marketing bullshit
  • A chance to help players all over the world not waste their money on junk, your thousands of hours of playtime is gold for the community
  • A new generation of esports community, created by people who once started some of first esports communities on the web (JGCS, XplayN, GotFrag)

We welcome all sorts of pc gaming in this establishment. As long as it’s skill-based, with pure pc master race input control. Obviously. Thank you for your interest in Xplayn. <3