Play Hard, Make History

In 2012 it wasn't obvious from the looks of the confused "art style(s)", that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would go on to become a benchmark for the shooter genre.

Early CS:GO
2012 CS:GO
2012 CS:GO
2013 CS:GO
2014 CS:GO

But 8 years after its initial release, CS:GO continues to grow and has become an industry benchmark for Games as a Service done right, community engagement, esports strategy and monetization models.

Compared to the rest of the industry, CS:GO is clearly in the 1%.

YouTuber and CS Connoisseur 3kliksphilip takes a nice nerd-dive in the numbers;

CS:GO is still growing.

I'll randomly insert here..

Counter-Joke: Offensively Woke

.. that CS:GO recently introduced a playable MILF to the game and broke new ground for social inclusion with the first sexually confused terrorist elf in esports history.

Cosmetics haven't been this popular since skin-gambling was a thing. #wokejoke