Play Hard, Make History

This week marks a very special announcement out of Denmark regarding the further development of the industry at a national level. Denmark's Minister of Sports and Culture, along with the Prime Minister, have brought forward the country's national esports strategy.

We are very proud to say that we are one of many organizations in Denmark assisting in this process and helping make Denmark ubiquitous with esports. Other organizations named include North, RFRSH Entertainment & Astralis, Tricked Esport, Anti Doping Danmark, Team Danmark, Kulturministeriet (formand), Erhvervsministeriet, and many others.

Key Areas Of Focus

The Danish government is looking at supporting the growth of esports in healthy environments as a means to create job growth in new ways. In recent memory, esports has done a good job at creating sustainable careers for many in Denmark from professional players, team staff, service providers, and much more.

Building upon this success is key, and one clear area of focus is creating clear paths to becoming esports professionals. As it stands career paths are not formalized nor are there clear stepping stones to follow. The Danish government aims to remedy this haphazardness. In addition to building a key structure, they would also like to unify standards of competition in order to make competition fair and equitable for all participants and stakeholders.

Another key focus is integrating more women into the esports and gaming industries as a whole. Female representation at the top echelons of esports is quite low across many positions. Denmark is focused on pushing esports forward as an equal digital battleground for all comers.

Lastly, the government aims to put forth legislation aimed at supporting the growth and prosperity of esports within Denmark. The ultimate goal is to become a world leader and esports from all aspects - not just have the world's best CS:GO team.

This announcement serves as a global signal as nations begin to not only recognize the impact and importance esports has today and moving forward, but also becoming actively involved in the development. With support on a national level, esports will be able to edge its way further into the mainstream consciousness and also develop stronger grassroots efforts. These are necessary steps if we are to see esports become a stable profession alongside the likes of football, hockey, and basketball.