The Dota 2 community stands above petty gender-based stereotyping, as a dignified culture that celebrates teamwork and intellectual reasoning. No expectations, except for absolutely flawless execution for the duration of the game.

Luckily new players have access to a nearly unlimited source of  strategic insight, from engaged teammates often supporting them with hundreds of continuous rapid super-helpful minimap pings, indusing a higher state of consciousness through telepathy and morse code.

On EU West die of cancer equally if

  1. Didn’t die while trying to save random carry dude
  2. died while trying to save random carry dude
  3. not playing exactly like random carry dude thinks is best
  4. shop isn’t sold out of wards

Come to think of it, Dota 2 may be the only game in esports where the enemy team feels less hostile than your own. Equal rights are all the rage, keep calm and carry on.