Play Hard, Make History

I've seen a surprisingly large amount of misinformation regarding the Corona virus, so I decided to create this page and video to help set the record straight.
We are currently 4 nationalities living in my house, when I compare the official guidelines between just those 4 countries, it's almost like they aren't describing the same virus.

This is the Gamers Guide to COVID-19, as compiled by a data-oriented min/max'er. :) Stay Safe and Stay The Fuck Home.

This is a random text. Apologies, you deserved better than this. 

Here are 5 simplified guidelines for surviving COVID-19;

#1 Stay The Fuck Home

  • Only leave your home if you have to
  • By staying home, you are limiting the spread of virus

#2 Maintain social distancing

  • Maintain at least 1,5 meter (5 feet) distance between yourself and others
  • Have you seen the movie 28 Days Later? Treat people like that, everyone is carrying the zombie virus

#3 Wear armor if you can

  • When outside, wear a facemask (or bandana) if possible
  • Gloves are also recommended outside

#4 Watch your hands frequently

  • Soap kills the virus, wash your hands frequently
  • Co-Vid19 infection occurs via eyes, nose and mouth, so don't touch yourself so much

#5 Don't Spray'n'Pray

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a bent elbow, when you cough or sneeze
  • DESTROY MURDER DEATH KILL any used tissue immediately
  • Clean household surfaces with bleach or alchohol - unless you remove it, the virus can survive on surfaces for weeks
Wear protection, if possible
Fashion forward statements not intended to be fashionable. 


Did you know?

Did you know that comparing COVID-19 to the flu, is the fastest and most efficient way to label yourself as retarded?

  • Seasonal flu has a case fatality rate around 0.1%, this new virus is closer to 4%
  • Seasonal flu infects at a 1.3 ratio, this new virus is closer to 2-3
  • Our bodies have no experience with COVID-19, we have no working defense system
  • If you still haven't done any kind of research and you're parroting the "what about the flu"-line at the end of March 2020, I genuinely question if you should be allowed to reproduce

Even if you have the Corona virus right now, it's fifty/fifty if you would even be aware of it

  • That's because around 50% of infections show no symptoms whatsoever
  • Even if 50% of the infected don't feel sick, they are actively spreading a very potent virus loud - 2-3 times more infective than season flu
  • Reality check: you don't know if you're infected, unless you get sick and show symptoms - so stop assuming that you are not dangerous to others

3-4% of confirmed cases die

  • You "don't have many gamer lives", you have one life like everyone else
  • Stay Safe, don't waste your 1UP so soon
One. 1. Uno. Eins. Et. Don't waste it, stay safe.

Breaking the chain of transmission

  • We are all in this together, each of us have to decide how important the lives of other people is. If you feel life is something to be cherished, then stay the fuck home - it will save lives
  • If you are not self-isolating at this point in time, you are adding to the problem and you are endagering the lives of people around you
  • You and me, right now, we can make a difference. We can choose to not burden our healthcare systems even more, we can choose to do our part to slow the spread of the virus, we can choose to stay fuck home. And play games. So, so many, many games...

Mortality rates will increase significantly over the next 2 months

  • COVID-19 hovers around a 3-4% mortality date (for comparrison, season flu is 0.1%). This mortality rate is dependant on patients receiving treatment in a functional hospital system
  • Our hospital system WILL collapse in the coming weeks. People will die because of a lack of equipment, facilities and emotionally shell-shocked staff. As the hospital system gets overloaded, patients in need of any other kind of care will suffer disruption, leading to further patients in need of critical care
  • The coming months will be remembered by Western healthcare workers for the rest of their lives. They are about to go through an experience on par with Pearl Harbor, every day, every week, every month, for the rest of the quarter. Maybe much longer
  • But if we all stay the fuck home, we can limit the human fatalities to thousands - not hundred of thousands



We need to support healthcare workers in every way we can, starting with the simplest and easiest part - stop adding to the problem:

Stay The Fuck Home

If you are not self-isolating at this point in time, you are adding to the problem and you are endagering the lives of people around you. Even if you feel fine and can't ever imagine that YOU could be infected.