Play Hard, Make History


  • Subnation will create limited-edition apperal to support major content initiatives - with this handdrawn style Gooseman 20 collection as first launch
Our tribute to the most influential game-designer of our generation
  • ESL was kind enough to support our project, which means that the Gooseman 20 collection will be for sale at IEM Katowice in February and available through their online shop following that (I can't think of better place to launch)
  • Proceeds for this collection overwhelmingly support artist Bernard Chang and Minh 'Gooseman' Le
  • Xplayn and Subnation has entered into a strategic partnership, which will result in 5-6 content/art/merch drops throughout 2020
  • The Xplayn/Subnation partnership will allow us to go deeper and weirder on content, like our "-minute-tribute-video" that over 8 months redefined my personal grasp of scope creep and grew into this
  • Limited edition/customized merchandice launched with premium content, serve as a whole new dimension of messaging/meme tool
  • Limited Edition products for sale > banner-advertising
  • Everything > banner-advertising


The future stuff that hasn't happened yet

Machine and Bernard Chang unveills the Gooseman art

I'm super pleased to announce that Xplayn and Subnation has entered into a strategic partnership, which will result in 5-6 major content/art/merch drops throughout 2020. Xplayn will carry the load on the content side, Subnation will carry the load for merchandice, publishing and events.
Our first project together is Gooseman 20, where our co-produced content include written editorials, video production and limited-edition apparel launching at IEM Katowice 2020

The art for Gooseman 20 was created by world-renowned comic-book artist Bernard Chang, while the 1-hour soundtrack was created by the legendary game-composer Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of Noise.

This combination of content and commerce brings the history of esports to the forefront, to celebrate our gaming roots through fashion and art.


Xplayn going forward

I love the idea of being able to offer some kind of limited edition/customized merchandice with our best content, customized products that can both bring a bit of revenue and serve as a messaging/meme tool. I think we'll stumble across plenty of great creative ideas as we get this program running, which will hopefully help make it more interesting for players/personalities to be featured in our content.

I absolutely hate noisy advertising and disrupt marketing. Trying to create best-in-class content with creative swag/monetization beats crap like banner-advertising.


Thanks to the support from Subnation, I'll be able to dive deeper into content and challenge myself to come up with truly bizarro-level stuff for 2020. Yay.

Teh Goose

I would like to thank Subnation for their support and shared vision for what we could accomplish together. Thanks to David Hiltscher at ESL for sales support, this whole thing wouldn't have been impossible without ESL

Akward public signs of affection, bro hugs and kisses all around.