Play Hard, Make History

[ContinousMix] runtime 1:06:06

[Continous Mix / Full Movie] runtime: 1:06:06
  • One hour of Counter-Strike fan-boism [Full Version]
  • A 12ish-part tribute video [YouTube playlist]
  • "Documentary" style: 10 years of history in just 13 minutes
  • Cut to EDM glitch soundtrack by legendary game-composer Jeroen Tel, who has scored more than 400 games in his career
  • Artwork by DC Comics artist Bernard Chang, world-renowed for his work on Wonder Woman, Teen Titans and Batman Beyond
  • Gooseman's invention defined esports as an industry up until 2010, if you work in esports he is the guy to say thank you to
  • This movie is part of our Gooseman 20 content and merch drop, if showing your oldschool is cool to you, step right this way and feel your age
  • And yes, this movie was kinda ready last year, but then we had the idea with the merch and then production and $%#^&$*
  • This movie is based on hundreds of images and video clips, the runtime for the credits section is 8+ minutes - I am truly sorry if I miscredited you, forgot you, misspelled your name or similar omega level voilation
  • Let's party like it's 1999, courtesy of Maniacs of Noise <3

I would like to thank Subnation for their support, vision and drive to make this project happen.

I would also like to thank Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of Noise for the fantastic music, David Hiltscher at ESL for sales support, Bernard Chang for his artwork and Minh 'Gooseman' Le for his time and insight.


[12/12] clickable parts

The Esports Historian
Bernard Chang, DC Comics artist live at E3 2019
Remixed with 100% more Maniacs of Noise, in-game sounds and no weird death metal noize
What did you do at age 17? Apart from that
A visual tour back to when Uzi's were cool (last millenium)
With 100% more fancy big hipster-sounding words
All credit to Astralis for their "This is esports!" movie from 2016, shot by Matthew Truelove
2 mins of frags because that's kinda what Counter-Strike is about
CS:GO 2012 trailer remixed with 303% more Maniacs of Noise
A brief history of Clicking Ass and Shooting Face (2000-2012)
A briefer history of being Globally Offensive (2012-2020)
thinking of 10 more people who should be in this section :<
I'm incredibly sorry if I missed your contribution or credit
13th Part = the worst kept secret since Trump and Stormy Daniels


PlayList with ALL THE THINGS!!


Machine and Bernard Chang unveil the Gooseman art piece
it was one of those farts with like a 10min hangtime


I took a bunch of stuff from the Internet and mashed it all together for this non-commercial non-monetized non-sexlife video. Think of this as a music video or something like that. If I am using some of your stuff, my bad. Your stuff is now a part of a video production that will potentially be seen many, many years from now.

MoN was here /// c= scene is alive

It's a fan video, for our creator.

Imagine nothing. A tight sphincter-like zero. Just a 0. Now imagine zero in the vacuum of space. Raw emptiness. A void of nothing. Endless nothingness. That's how many rights we reserve for this fan-boi video for the community and Gooseman. People with actual skills made all the stuff in the video, we just glued it together with digital glue. Virtually. In cyberspace.

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