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10 Lucky Winners Have Chance To Win Limited Edition T-Shirts Signed By Counter-Strike Creator Minh 'Gooseman' Le

Los Angeles, CA - June 19, 2019 - Twenty years ago today, the historic release of beta 1.0 was uploaded live on The then 19-year-old aspiring game designer, Minh 'Gooseman' Le, spent about one year programming and modelling to create the first release (beta 1.0).

Today, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic release, Subnation and Xplayn joined forces with world renowned DC artist Bernard Chang to pay homage to creator and gaming visionary ‘Gooseman’.

Gooseman handed over the rights to Counter-Strike in return for a job, and some pocket change. That seemed like a great deal at the time, but 20 years later it's the single most tragic thing about the game. Counter-Strike changed everything, it sparked a cultural revolution that we are just starting to fully realize the magnitude of today.

Counter-Strike was the killer app for online gaming as we know it today.
Alas, it seems unfair that skin designers have profited more from Counter-Strike than its creator. It's not unjust or unfair, it's simply just not right. Especially, because we can change this.

The E3 Esports Zone 2019
“Subnation is all about curating the culture of esports and protecting the authenticity of it, hence everything we do, we try to touch from the ‘OG’ side,” states Seven Volpone, CEO of Subnation. “So for me, it was obvious, as I heard about Kim’s approach to content on and was at the same time working closely with Bernard. I’ve known both for years, it is what I do: connect the dots.”
A near-final shot of the piece, created live at E3.

Multi-platform media brand SUBNATION partnered with gaming discovery platform XPLAYN and Bernard Chang at the most recent E3, to create a unique portrait of ‘Gooseman’ live in the ESPORTS ZONE. Now, 10 lucky winners have the chance to win limited-edition t-shirts with the portrait from the Batman Beyond, Wonder Woman and Teen Titans artist.

“We are honoured to pay homage and bring to the spotlight the pioneers and founders of what we all enjoy doing today.” says Bernard Chang when asked about the venture.

The goal of the partnership is to create educational content about the extraordinary people behind the scenes in the gaming industry, and bring awareness to these stories. The ones who were there way before it was even called esports. The mix of art, technology, music, and esports content will be presented to the community in the form of articles, videos, merchandise, in-game items and other initiatives.

Kim Rom, CEO of Xplayn, stated: “Din mor”.  
Bernard Chang and Kim Rom discussing the piece at E3.

About Subnation: Subnation is a multi-platform media brand that celebrates and elevates the lifestyle and culture of video gaming and esports through the development of original content and live events. The company creates live curated festival experiences where creators, gamers and consumers come together to hear, see, shop, discover, and experience their shared passions. Subnation is known for programming high energy experiences featuring musical performances, live art installations and immersive activities showcasing the gaming culture. The company also helps integrate brands into the emerging esports market and creating engaging content. In 2018, Subnation served as the official Cultural Experience Partner of E3 and DreamHack Atlanta and the official partner of Westwood One for esports and gaming podcasts.

About Xplayn: Xplayn profile the world’s best gamers and gaming’s biggest personalities. We go inside the head of extraordinary people, who inspire and impact the future of clicking ass, to create compelling personal content.

About Bernard Chang: Bernard Chang is an Asian American artist/designer best known for his work in the comic book industry and entertainment design.


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