Play Hard, Make History

I never understood Heroes of the Storm, it’s a game that just didn’t really fit in anywhere. Like a ginger at a speed dating event.

To me, HOTS feels like a title that existed purely because some Blizzard executive got his ego bruised. After losing the Dota trademark in 2012, and getting humiliated internally (and in the community), a couple of Blizzard executives decided to show the world. Blizzard innovation. Blizzard design. Blizzard polish.

But they missed the obvious: If I had any imaginary itch for a casual MOBA, I would simply play League of Legends, arguably the defining casual MOBA title. HOTS made no sense. Zero.

That’s most likely also why the game gained zero traction as an esports title, despite Blizzard’s open wallet: $17,866,259 USD in prize pools so far.

Heroes of the Storm is the 6th highest paying esports. Of all time.


A casual MOBA from 2015 has distributed more prize money than Hearthstone, a casual card game from 2014.

And a lot more money than Overwatch, a casual shooter game from 2016.