Play Hard, Make History

This review was not paid for, nor sponsored in any way. The keyboard was selected and purchased solely by the editor.

When it comes to reviewing products, there are a handful of criteria that truly matter when it comes to deciding whether or not to pull the trigger and buy. Performance, durability, build quality, comfort, and extras. Many aspects of reviewing gear are subjective. We recommend you try before you buy whenever possible. You should use reviews and product ratings to determine whether or not there are severe technical issues and learn about product features.

Now that that is out of the way, let us dive into the Logitech G213. An inexpensive entry level keyboard for gamers on a budget, or just starting out.

Table Of Contents

  1. Performance
  2. Durability
  3. Build Quality
  4. Comfort
  5. Extras
  6. Value


In total I have spent more than 200 hours using the Logitech G213 for gaming and writing. Other than a slight dimension/layout change from my previous keyboard, the G213 performs just how you would expect. There are no issues with missed keys or input, and all of the media features on the keyboard work as soon as the keyboard is plugged in.

One feature I rather enjoyed was the rubberized feet/bottom strips. They do a good job of keeping your keyboard where you want it. The adjustable feet are sturdy (however, you do not want to rage smash your keyboard if you are using them - they are not THAT sturdy). That said, you will not get any wobble or keyboard jitters while playing or typing.

Overall the performance is as expected. There aren't any special functions or G-keys to worry about customizing. It is a plain-as-day keyboard.

Logitech G213 Keyboard - bottom


Waterproof/spill-proof it is not. Despite what the marketing mumbojumbo would have you believe, you should not be comfortable spilling liquids on this keyboard. Also - 60ml is not an intelligent metric to use when conducting testing. The volume of water has no bearing whatsoever on whether or not the keyboard is water proof or not.

The G213 is also plastic. The casing, parts, etc - all plastic. The durability of said plastic is about average. The average gamer will have no issues with durability. If you are prone to lashing out in fits of rage and smashing your fist into your keyboard, you might wish to opt for a keyboard with a metal enclosure/base in order to protect the circuit board from cracking. Otherwise, this will suit you just fine.

Logitech G213 Membrane Keycaps

The G213 also comes with a braided cord sleeve, so you shouldn't have to worry about punctures or abrasion of your cable. The cable itself is 6', so you should also have zero issue with getting it plugged into your rig.

If you travel extensively with your keyboard, this is a poor choice of keyboard. Because the wrist rest is fixed to the keyboard, and it is a full-sized board, the G213 is bulky. You will definitely not be able to put this in your laptop bag or small backpack to take around with you.

(I'm sorry, I do not have a drill press to accurate gauge how much force is needed to break various parts of the keyboard.)

Build Quality

Because it is Logitech, you are getting their "mechanic-like" membrane keys (MECH DOME). The tactile difference is pretty far from real mechanical keys. However, it is different from a traditional membrane feel.

All of this will depend on your own personal likes and dislikes regarding your key types. However, as mentioned earlier the keyboard performs as you would expect. An issue you will have though is that you are unable to use key rings to dampen the sound as you could with real mechanical switches. So if you find yourself wanting a quieter mechanical keyboard - keep looking, the G213 is not for you.

Molten Core


This is where things get a little dicy. If you are partial to a palm rest attached to your keyboard, then you will likely enjoy the G213. If not, do not buy this keyboard. The palm rest is not adjustable nor removable. Adapt or die.

Beyond that, I do enjoy dimension/layout of the keyboard. It is relatively easy to adjust to. The keys have a smooth mat finish. They are not rubberized. Because the switches are not actually mechanical, the feel takes some getting used to if you are for some reason regressing back from a mech keyboard. The Logitech G213 is fun to type with, but a real mechanical keyboard would be the superior choice.

Logitech G213 wrist rest


This keyboard has only one extra - the lighting. As mentioned, there are no special keys or G-keys as Logitech usually crams into its gaming keyboards. The lighting itself is quite strong, despite being a membrane keyboard. The light bleeds through with little loss.

The media keys are as minimal as it gets, and that is one of the reasons the keyboard itself is so inexpensive - it is an entry level gaming keyboard. I wish there was more to discuss, but this truly is a no-frills keyboard by Logitech. Simply plug'n'play.


If you aren't fussy and don't place much stock in getting a mechanical keyboard, you cannot go wrong here. The Logitech G213 is inexpensive and can easily be used as a family keyboard, gaming keyboard, or even a decent office keyboard as it does include the num-pad. The price is also relatively low considering the overall quality (and shiny lights!).

You will not be blown away by this keyboard, but it does its job adequately. If you are used to using a mechanical keyboard of any switch colour/type, then you will likely not enjoy switching to this keyboard - unless you hate mechanical and prefer membrane.

For the overall value of the keyboard, I do recommend it, but only to gamers on a budget or people who want a more general purpose keyboard. If you are looking for a hardcore gaming keyboard, go real mechanical.

Score: 78/100