Team OG, who last year won The International 2018 and the 1st prize of $11,2 million usd, was incorporated in late 2015. The team has since written, and rewritten, esports history. A couple of times. Several times, really.

OG was the first team to win a Valve Major in Dota 2, then they became the first team to win two majors, then three majors, then four majors. If you haven't seen this episode of True Sight, you've seriously missed out on some of the best esports content ever produced. Watch it, it's worth your time.


Anyway, Team OG's historic run coincides with esports becoming a spectator sport, which over the past 4 years has yielded some unique (and occasionally pretty badass) team intro videos.

Below video is a compilation I made of those team intros.

Now with extra chatwheel smurf

Technically there wasn't actually an intro at Frankfurt Major, but I mixed music from the Frankfurt stream with OG footage from the event. It worked surprisingly well, so I kept it in there.



00:10 2015 Frankfurt Major
01:04 2016 Shanghai Major
01:41 2016 Manilla Major
02:30 2016 The International 6
03:14 2016 Boston Major
04:06 2017 DAC 2017
4:57 2017 Kiev Major
5:49 2017 Manilla Masters
6:32 2017 The International 7
07:27 2017 MDL Macau
07:48 2018 Galaxy Battles II
08:22 2018 Bucharest Major
09:07 2018 Epicenter XL
10:19 2018 MDL Changsha Major
10:52 2018 The International 8
11:36 2019 Bucharest Minor
12:25 2019 MDL Disneyland Paris Major


While the art style from the MDL Changsha Major spot is stunning, my favorite spots are The International 7 team intros. See the playlist below.

These are team intros for teams of 5 nerds, players we admire specifically for their executive functioning, problem-solving, multitasking, creativity, strategy, awareness, fortitude, hand-to-eye-coordination, team work and calmness.  This is what a modern day chess club with sex appeal would look like.

I love these videos from Valve so much, because this is not the look of a culture trying to be "a sport", this isn't a look that was designed to drum up acknowledgement or attention from the rest of the world. This is it's own thing.

This is the community celebrating itself, celebrating its best and brightest talent.


This is simply videos of teams of 5 players, elite performers who know how to keep calm and Carry on when it matters. Videos made for an audience that doesn't care or judge pro players based on their looks, what color he/she is, what gender he is or what they like in the bedroom.

Esports has always been smart like that.