Play Hard, Make History


As I was researching (and scotch-taping) a feature on Team Org 2.0/Astralis together, it suddenly hit me how much of a win condition coach Danny must be for Astralis. Yes, obviously the coach is important duh, but this feels bigger than Danny being good at his job.

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Danny was unique from the day he materialized on the Danish scene. When you played against him on a server, you absolutely wanted to find and kill the little fuc#$@!%.....&bott. As you would leave the server and descend back to irc, there he was.. The friendliest nicest humblest winner imaginable. Every time.



zonic took first place at 31 tournaments during his career, an accomplishment on par with his 5 star players. zonic is also the highest earning Danish 1,6 player - winning $115,000 USD total. He's the 9th most successful 1,6 player in the world.

The difference between CS 1,6 and CS:GO is just a zero

That's where Astralis starts. That's their baseline. A guy who had the willpower and mental fortitude to go all the way, in an environment as insanely competitive as Counter-Strike 1,6. That's the coach.

If a person can carry that as a player, imagine what he won't carry as support.


Highly recommend this feature on Danny:


Or feast in these 2008 screenshots from GotFrag's GameSense..