Play Hard, Make History
Spoiler-alert: the esports organisation in question is called Regal Reserve.


Regal Reserve isn't active in CS:GO, Dota2, LoL or one of the other purebred pcmasterrace titles. Regal competes in Fortnite, Call of Duty and other games that are played with a controller. Sorry for being a cocktease for "real esports" drama, we now return to our original scheduled programming.

Using a controller for competitive play is akin to using a tricycle for Tour De France


YouTubers team up to stop a 22-year-old "psychology expert" manchild from scamming people, either by him quitting his behaviour on his own or by outlining his actual behaviour to a critical mass of people in his community.



3 prominent non-endemic content creators and 2 independent media/journalist channels on YouTube, have teamed up to expose an esports team-owner/CEO as a scammer.

In 4 seperate videos the "collective" each present their findings and evidence, hoping that the joint-effort and cooperation on the topic, will help bring enough attention and awareness to case than if they had acted in solitude.
Since I am writing this, and you're reading it, that was arguably a smart move.


SidAlpha and Upper Echelon Gamers were first to publish videos on this topic, as content creators they usually cover topics that affect the gaming industry as a whole.

In the same way that the President of the United States of America has helped usher in a period of fantastic late night comedy because he is "special", so has the last 4-5 years of "surprise mechanics", "micro" transactions and unethical business practices from publishers helped give rise to a wave of brilliant industry commentary.

Upper Echelon Gamers

21kilotons creates sharp commentary with nearly-perfect measured comedy, he recently did this truly awesome OpEd on The Division 2 and the product/community management from Massive. I have never played any Division game and I still ended up listening to the whole, highly recommended listening to anyone work with marketing, public relations or anything community management-ish.


I am not personally familiar with either Sophia Narwitz or Pescatore News Network, the journalists who helped with research and facts, but 10/10 +++ would buy again thumbnail on the video below.

Pescatore News Network

In an era where it can (at times) feel like the collective IQ is continuing to decline, as common sense and logic is increasingly distorted by a herd of braindead Social Justice Warrior retards, this initiative feels refreshingly rational and well thought out.

And yes, I am fully aware that I'm writing this despite the existance of a thumbnail above with the words "putrid rotten". 2020 is off to a memorable start.

This feels like a meal that was cooked with healthy organic ingredients, almost perfect except for the sauce has a tiny aftertaste from simmering in contempt for a just tad too long. A meal of oven-baked facts, with whine served at room-temparature.

Compare above nutritional value and flavor to the SJWs and Online Hero's of today. As new brave generations of millenials enlist online to fight for street justice for all, it's really the administring part of the justice (= feeling important) and the subsequent dopamine-release (= social praise) that matters. That's the game.
It's not mission critical if any of the witches who got burned at the stake really knew or practiced witchcraft, it's not that important if they hurt anyone, all dissidents who doesn't match the cultural flavor ideals of the month must burn. Friends, family, career, reputation, future, are all vehicles for the burn. Because some people just want to watch the world burn. While they feel important.


As someone who has randomly followed 3 of these creators for a while, I personally think they did this well. If you need to call bullshit on something or someone, this feels like a decent way of doing it.