Play Hard, Make History

I was watching The Bucharest Minor this weekend, which somehow got me wondering what target audience PGL is producing their event for. Because I don't think it was the Dota 2 playerbase, so who exactly was the audience for this tournament?


Dota 2

Behold: Dota 2. It's a nice mix of greys. And red. It's nearly perfect in how minimalistic and fucking boring it is. Exactly what the most mentally challenging competitive sport on the planet should look and feel like.


The Bucharest Minor

Behold: PGL hired a 47 year old senior publishing designer, who used the 1994 ClipArt Vol. III CD-rom to create "the kind of thing these gamer-types like".

Not a single person on Twitch is streaming this because it's a PGL production or because it's The Bucharest Minor . They're choosing to watch this because it's Dota 2 first, secondly because the participating teams make it the best Dota 2 available in that moment.

So why not design something that honors that game and the community it's trying to entertain? Every single sponsor logo (and team logo) was designed to look good on other colors than this. All of them. Same thing for every pixel in Dota 2.

This is not "stylistically bold", it's dumb.


The International 8

The International 8

OG (Sesame Street)

Barney Sing With Friends & Ravishes Bucharest

I am writing a blog post whining about colors in a free Dota 2 tournament.

Trust me, I know dumb.


Dota 2 PGL Theme