They don't make'em like they used to. As cliche and annoying as that saying may be to some, I feel it rings true when it comes to frag videos. Maybe because they were a rarity back in the day, and everyone and their mother weren't uploading to YouTube.

Here are my picks for the Top 10 Counter-Strike Frag Videos Of All Time...

#10 - eoLithic The Movie

One of the best Counter-Strike teams to ever exist, but only for a brief moment in time. This movie highlights the teams performance throughout 2002 up until their abrupt demise as arguably the #1 Counter-Strike team at the time. Despite their success, the team disbanded and the players went on to have exceptional careers in other professional teams.

#9 - Adrenaline 2

Definitely the widest array of players. Adrenaline 2 is a community driven Counter-Strike frag video featuring players from all over competitive Counter-Strike. Watch Warden, Natu, Ksharp and dozens of others back in the early days of Counter-Strike.

#8 - Mousesports Ready, Willing & Able

A brief glimpse into the history of one of esports' longest standing teams - Mousesports. A lot of aces, a lot of knife kills, and a tournament victory at the end. What more can you ask for?

#7 - Annihilation 2

A hard and fast compilation of the biggest names to ever play the game of Counter-Strike. Annihilation 2 is a classic version of a "frag video" from back in the day, right down to the player overlay graphics.

#6 - NoA The Two Continents

A tribute to an all-star Counter-Strike team with numerous titles under their banner. Having been home to some of the biggest names in Counter-Strike, such as Zonic, shaGuar, elemeNt, XeqtR, ave, and many many more.

#5 - N0thing But Headshots

Sadly, due to YouTube uploading limits at the time there were two parts to this masterpiece; however, Part 2 was taken down for unknown reasons. There are other alternate edits on YouTube, so if you are interested you can search them out.

#4 - Analyzed Collision

Just a lot of sexy frags by the world's best Counter-Strike players. Hold on to your horses, because this is going to be an exciting, nostalgic, adrenaline filled ride down memory lane.

#3 -  wNv - The Way To The Champions

One of my personal favourites, having worked with the team back in 2006, wNv show why they were one of the best teams in the world. This video follows wNv through their run at WEG 2005. Fun facts about wNv - they had 2 in-house CS teams at the time, both which were world-class. The team even had ice-cream and shoe sponsorships in China.

#2 - compLexity - Armageddon

compLexity is one of the longest standing professional organizations in esports today. I would have preferred to post compLexity Redemption, as the story is much better than Armageddon, but in the spirit of posting frag videos, I went with Armageddon. Do yourself a favour and watch both - or if you have too much time on your hands, you can also watch the Directors Cut of Redemption with commentary from Jason Lake (coL founder)!

#1 - SK Believe

I think every self-respecting Counter-Strike player (read: 1.6, CS:S, CS:GO, etc.) has seen SK Believe. If not, well you are in for a treat. Arguable the best Counter-Strike team of all time, and most definitely the best during this CPL event, you get to see some of the most historic plays and players in Counter-Strike.

Also - the editing is probably the best I have ever seen for a frag video, and any aspiring video editors should take note.


And there you have it - the Top 10 Counter-Strike Frag Videos of ALL TIME. Keep in mind, I didn't include Source or CS:GO (that was probably obvious when you made it through all 10, but if not, now you know).

What were your favourite frag videos from Counter-Strike or other games?

A very special thank you to aking for helping me with the list <3

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