Play Hard, Make History

Esports has come a long way since 1998. We have seen the rise and fall of many websites, apps, and platforms throughout the years. Anyone remember Xfire? Well we have put together a short Top 10 list of some of our personal favourites here at Xplayn that we think you ought to know about.

This list offers something for everyone - whether you are a top tier professional gamer, or simply a fan looking to enjoy some digital action. These tools will help enhance your player and fan experience in esports. Some are more well known than others, and some are hidden gems. Enjoy.

NOTE: This is not an advertisement. We do not receive any money in any way, shape or form from any of these companies. These are simply tools we think may have skirted some people's radars and we would like to share them with our community, so hopefully you can enhance your player/fan experience.

#10 - TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak seems to have won the arms race between voice communication services. If your team, community, or group of friends requires a private voice server, then your #1 choice today is definitely TeamSpeak (if you aren't already using Discord).



Battlefy offers a number of interesting features for aspiring pro gamers, teams, and tournament organizers. Whether you are looking to find and participate in tournaments or leagues, or you want to run one yourself, Battlefy makes the entire process as easy as pie. Battlefy works so well, even Blizzard, RIOT, ESL, and DreamHack use it. You can't get a larger stamp of approval than that in esports.


#8 - GOSU.AI

GOSU.AI uses artificial intelligence to evaluate and analyze your gameplay in Dota 2, CS:GO, and PUBG. The reason for the limited games is that it works by adding a personal assistant as a friend on Steam. The assistant analyzes everything in game from ward placements, laning phase, kills/saves, items, CS and anything else you would ever want to take a look at.


#7 - BlitZ

Unfortunately, is just for League of Legends and Fortnite currently. However, if you wanted a piece of software to essentially be your full-time coach and mentor through the highly competitive game of League of Legends, then this is your best bet. From real-time champion and teammate analysis all the way through to post-game analysis, is your best friend. Hopefully after the recent purchase by TSM, we will see other games added to the list.


#6 - Overwolf

Overwolf is an app store for games, meaning, if you play CS:GO and are looking for third-party add ons to help your gameplay experience, Overwolf is where you would find them. The only real downside to Overwolf is their core product changes a lot, however at its core, it functions as a pretty solid database for esports and gaming related apps. Essentially an entire website of useful esports tools.


#5 - is the ultimate review and analysis tool. It covers more games, and claims to have the best reference data in esports. It is also highly endorsed by various professional gamers and teams - ones you actually trust. Due to the immense reference data, the analysis offers is as comprehensive as it gets. Currently you can use it for CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2.


#4 - ESEA/FACEIT/Challenge Me

The reason these three are stacked together is they ultimately do the exact same thing, at relatively the exact same level. Although opinions may vary. However, if you are an aspiring pro-gamer then these platforms are going to be your happy hunting grounds. They offer stable competitive environments for not only scrims/pugs but also full leagues and tournaments. They also have the added bonuses of being able to win prizes while you practice/play.

Website:,, and

#3 - streamlabs

Getting into streaming? Then streamlabs is your only real choice. No, seriously. There is a reason why the biggest companies and biggest streamers use streamlabs - it does everything. Yes, everything.


#2 - KovaaK's FPS Aim Trainer

Learning to shoot? In any game? Look no further, KovaaK's FPS Aim Trainer is the stuff dreams are made of. Whether you are playing CS:GO or Quake, KovaaK's allows you to train with 100% game accuracy. Control any and all factors you might face in-game, and practice your aim. The only real downside is that it costs $10, so if you aren't will to cough up less money than you likely have spent on skins to date, you can also use a free 3Daimtrainer instead.

Website: Steam

#1 - Discord

This is kind of a lacklustre finish, I know. Who doesn't know about Discord, right? That having been said, Discord is the ultimate esports tool these days. From acting as community hub for thousands of gaming communities, to offering full voice chat capabilities, a multitude of flexibility with third party bots, and now their store, Discord covers a lot of your bases.  


This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are many tools, websites, and other fun things that make the overall esports experience that much better. That said, we would love to hear from you about what tools are a "must have" in today's esports landscape. You can share them with us via Twitter or Discord and we will make sure to share them with our community!