Play Hard, Make History

Reviewed by Hartwired

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HyperX hasn’t been in the keyboard business for a long-time. But, in the span of their existence, they’ve come out with some of the top keyboards in the market today.

The Alloy FPS Pro is HyperX’s variant of an affordable, yet premium gaming keyboard that is everything you’d expect from a quality peripheral.

Design Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication with the Alloy FPS Pro. It comes with a plain metallic frame that’s durable. Its sort of lackluster, but this keyboard is more about performance than about looking pretty. Due to this, there’s almost no RGB and limited customization options available for this keyboard. You’re going to have to get used to the simple red lighting.

Apart from its awesome functionality, it’s a keyboard that leans towards the portability side. There’s no number pad on the keyboard, making it shorter and easier to carry in a backpack. Keys So, right above you read us say it isn’t the prettiest keyboard in the world and it doesn’t have RGB, it doesn’t have a number pad, it doesn’t even have a wrist rest. Then, why would people even be willing to buy this? The answer to that would be the Cherry MX keys.

It comes with an option for red, brown and blue Cherry MX keys. No matter what upgrades manufacturers put on their keyboards like the Kailh, Cherry MX keys remain profoundly the best keys out there. And, with the availability of three different types at this price range is just spectacular. Performance The keyboard isn’t just restricted to Valorant. It works great with any other fps game too. You don’t notice the lack of a numpad during gaming. And, the shorter size of the keyboard isn’t underwhelming too. The keyboard isn’t all fancy with macro setups, custom RGB patterns, etc. It doesn’t even have a software that needs to be installed for it to run. We’re taking a step towards the past with this one with it being one of the only modern-day gaming keyboards with the plug-and-play feature.

Overall score: 86 / Superior