Play Hard, Make History

Reviewed by Jason

After staying with my Tritton Pro+ Headset for almost 6 years, since no competition, not Sennheiser, not Logitech were able to produce a Headset, that was wireless with a high sound quality. After my Tritton's cable broke after 6 years, I had to nother choice but to look for a trusty new headset. Luckely that was just after the Razer Opus released. It had a sleek design, was wireless and was partnered with THQ, so I gave it a shot.

Razer Opus Black 

I was blown away from the sound, and I consider myself an audiophile, if a headset is not of the highest quality it gets sent back immediately. The sound is as clear as it could possibly get, highs and lows are perfect, 7.1 surround is integrated beautifully, sure the mic isn't perfect as it is the standard with todays headsets, but I bought these for the sound quality, and that is exactly what I got!

Giving this a very very solid 96 Rating, since the Quality is over the top and I doubt Headsets in this price range, will be able to even get close! The only "downside" would be the lower quality mic, which doesn't really fit to the 200$ price, it is good, but not great.

Overall score: 96 / Legendary