Play Hard, Make History

Xplayn is a discovery platform for esports gear and gaming equipment, with a data-driven algorithmic Xscore-ranking of every 🖱️ ⌨️ 🎧 & ◼️ in esports. We aggregate data & first-hand experience from professional players and the core gaming community.

A free research tool for the pc master race, monetized through relevant and informative referral links that doesn't crap all over the user experience. We're on a mission to build the worlds most useful discovery engine for esports gear, respectfully served without advertising crap or marketing mumbojumbo.

*All numbers illustrative, screenshot not based on actual data or user ratings. It's just a visualization, okay?

A new community standard for how pc gaming peripherals are benchmarked and truly valued.



Xscore is a global ranking for every mouse, keyboard, headset and mousepad used in esports. It’s an algorithm that uses crowd-sourced data to determine the true value of pc gaming gear, based on first-hand experience by the people who use it to win games.

We don’t know how many data-points we need to reach critical mass, but we estimate it will take a few months to verify the top% of products (with the most active users), maybe a year to cover the thousands of products in our database.


Slot your gear

You technically don’t have to, but Xplayn becomes a lot more interesting if you do. Enjoy site-wide real-time comparison of key indicators, like performance, size, comfort, build quality, and more. Slot your build and unlock Xplayn v1.0 :)

As we continue to grow our community and data-points, we’ll release updates that allow you to quantify and compare your setup to the community. And you help cntribute to the community, so everyone can make smarter purchasing decisions going forward.



We started Xplayn because we were sick of reading paid reviews with a bunch of marketing language in it that doesn't mean anything. We feel Xplayn can positively impact the community longterm, a noble and peaceful quest for a group of aging esports veterans.

We hope that Xplayn someday will help so many players that we can quit our soulless demeaning corporate slave jobs and do this full-time. Seriously! Imagine how awesome it will be to visit a bar, approach some super hot chick and hook up just by boasting about making a living running an online discovery platform that for free lets other computer geeks find mousepads with the ultimate glide. #esportsdream



What really matters when we are looking to upgrade or replace our gear? Your hundreds/thousands of hours of playtime is gold to the community. MicroReviews was designed to visualize first-hand community experience for the stuff that matters the most.

  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Build Quality
  • Software Quality
  • Value for Money

This information is useful to everyone, especially when based on data from thousands of pc master race cores. That's what we are building towards.

We're reinventing the hardware review, the only authority on gaming gear is you.


Macro Review

Xplayn was created for people who excessively click mouse1. Verified users just like you, contributing in-depth reviews of why a piece of gear is the best thing since the Boomslang or why it may as well be a trackpad.

So simple your mum could own it

A new community standard for how pc gaming peripherals are benchmarked and truly valued.


Pro Analysis

A list of Pro Players that use the product professionally. Our database is updated with help from tournament organizers, teams and community contributions.


Media Meta

Every media review on the Internet. Collected and meta-scored for your convenience.

We compile and normalize thousands of peripheral reviews from the mainstream gaming and tech media.



RGB Maketh the Man

We're part of a generation that value framerate higher than miles per gallon, share your glorious RGBness with us.


Explain Xplayn?

It’s a failed attempt at combining the words “explain” and “play”. You know, we explain stuff. To players. Ex-Playyyy-n. Also: it had like an X, so we figured we could also get away with the name Xscore, because it sounded totally cool and awesome.

And yes, then we just stopped trying.