Play Hard, Make History

Earlier this week I premiered a new talk at Digital Gaming Revolution (Esports Edition) in Antwerp, Belgium. I would like to thank 4Entertainment for inviting me to speak, I really enjoyed the event.

Gertjan Van Haver spent his day taking photos at the event, below you'll find the ones where I look the least fat. What? You would have sorted 'em the same way.


Other speakers


I finally meet Gooseman. The Creator. The 17 year old wannabe game designer and programmer who invented Counter-Strike and accidentally transformed online gaming forever. I don't even know how to express in writing how deeply I admire his genius in game design (without sounding like a hysterical fanboi). In my world this is a designer on par with Notch (Minecraft), Icefrog (Dota 2), Braben/Bell (Elite) and Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario/Zelda/others).

Anna Baumann is an interesting person, she's smart and has an extensive legal background. She escaped the matrix and used esports to red-pill her corporate lifestyle, now running a team in the Euro League of Legends thingie. We want more people of her caliber in esports.



Romain did the above video a few years ago when he was managing Unicorns of Love, outlining why European LCS teams were struggling financially. Fast forward to present time and Riot Games hired him to go fix the thing he was whining about, its almost poetic.



Toan runs esports at the agency who created the Mercedes spot and campaign above. A spot that captures the spirit of esports better than anything I have ever seen or created myself. It's the single greatest brand execution in esports history, I say that as a marketeer and as a member of the esports community (whatever and where-ever that is).

Mercedes explained esports better than anyone ever has, thus making themselves synonymous with the cultural revolution. And, now that I understand the framework and creative approach behind it, I am actually even more impressed.

I would change one line of messaging in the second spot, otherwise it's flawless.


Introducing brainWASD

The title of my 35 minutes of yapping was "You are brainWASD to win" and it outlines my thoughts on the esports/competitive experience you already have in your head and how it can help you win in your job. No matter what you do or what your title is in the workforce, the core mechanics will apply everywhere.

It's an attempt at creating something more practical, making my presentations actually useful and not just slightly clever word salad. Feedback from random audience members was surprisingly positive (first time presenting new material, not pretty, not smooth).

White space rules everything around me

I feel this "practical content" approach may be the beginning of something meaningful. I'll finish it up soon, as part of a bigger set of esports talks, and post it here.