February 22/2

On this day of triple duality, Xplayn officially sets sail in Closed Beta, the quest for superior USB-powered ass clicking begins.

  • ADDED Search. Because that really seemed like something a discovery platform should probably have.
  • ADDED 270 mice, 293 keyboards, 251 headsets, 142 mousepads gear/products. So much RGB you can see it from space.
  • ADDED MouseOver tech specs on product cards. All the awesome without none of the clicking.
  • ADDED Player Profiles. Because obviously Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch, Steam, Reddit, DreamTeam, Dotabuff, Overbuff, Gosu.ai, GosuGamers, ESL, Faceit, ESEA, HLTV.org isn’t enough for some reason.
  • ADDED Signup via Discord.
  • ADDED Achievements. We want our members to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for clicking mouse1.
  • ADDED Player Inventory. It's dangerous to go alone, take this plastic weapon virtually or meta-physically or something.
  • ADDED Equip Gear. This is my rifle, this is my gun. There are many like it, but this one clicks ass.
  • ADDED MicroReviews. The future of crowdsourced data aggregation technology is here, allowing gamers to rate USB-powered laser-precision tools by clicking mouse1 a few times.
  • ADDED MacroReviews. Community reviews with words, sentences, pro’s, con’s and precise 1-100 scoring, for the sophisticated gamer who wants more than mouse1.
  • ADDED Media Reviews. Media Meta sounds kinda esportsy, so we wanted some of that.
  • ADDED Xscore. Our CEO came up with the name all by himself. cough

  • FIXED Spacing. Because in space, no one can hear Sara scream.
  • FIXED Font-sizes. Because size does matter, especially if no one can see it.
  • FIXED Loading times. Less pingtime is best pingtime.

  • ADDED Random bugs. Just so we have an excuse to meet again. <3