Play Hard, Make History

March 14/2019

It has been a few weeks of closed beta and changes are abundant. A special thank you goes out to our active community and eager testers, who have been providing much needed and appreciated feedback.


  • ADDED 59 Mice, 255 Keyboards, 85 Headsets, and 49 Mousepads. All your gear are belong to us.
  • ADDED Macro Card aggregate scores. No more missing scores. Ever.
  • ADDED Micro/Macro card default values for builds. Big addition, much wow.
  • ADDED Author to Micro/Macro cards. Oh, so that's who wrote that review...
  • ADDED Redirect when no products are found via search. How did you not manage to find a single product?
  • ADDED Redirect for "user not found". Something something milk carton.
  • ADDED Product ranking colours to preview hover. Taste the rainbow.
  • ADDED Redirect on signup page for real users. I exist, therefore I Xplayn.
  • ADDED Redirect on signup page if user already exists. Stop cloning yourselves...yeesh.
  • ADDED Redirects on signup page if user fails to authenticate. How do you mess that up? Seriously..tell me.
  • ADDED Redirect on product details not found to 404. Uh oh.
  • ADDED Slice to macro review cards. Hey! This isn't pie...
  • ADDED Reverse sort on macro cards. Top to bottom, bottom to top!
  • ADDED Sorting pipe. Puff-puff pass.
  • ADDED New API for blogs. Yay, more content!
  • ADDED 404 route. No tolls on this highway.
  • ADDED Minimum heights to content. Mischievous buggers.


  • FIXED Cursor issue on review buttons. Oopsie.
  • FIXED Header avatar link. You are now going in the right direction.
  • FIXED Builds pull from author. Your builds are now YOUR builds. Have fun.
  • FIXED Issue with skipping steps on reviews. You did not pass go. You do not collect $200, or finish your review.
  • FIXED Sorting gear on user profiles. Is this the gear you were looking for?
  • FIXED User preview for all macro cards. This looks much better...
  • FIXED User preview display on product detail pages. What a sight to behold.
  • FIXED Text issue on beta page. All better now.
  • FIXED Spelling error on Pro Player Cards. Well that doesn't seem right...
  • FIXED Featured keyboards and headsets. Again.
  • FIXED Mini article card links. Now you are reading the right stuff.
  • FIXED Link on 404 page. You may go now.


  • CHANGED Micro/Macro card default values for builds. Enjoy.
  • CHANGED Preview triggers for Micro/Macro cards. How did you set it off again?
  • CHANGED Removed find gear link from footer. Goodbye.
  • CHANGED Flags. Goodbye ratty-tatty; Hello beautiful!
  • CHANGED Removed pricing data from product cards. You didn't see anything!
  • CHANGED Header logo. Much shiny!
  • CHANGED FAQ url. Beta beta beta.

If there are still persistent bugs, changes, recommendations, or general flaming you would like us to read - please let us know on Discord. It only seems like we are ignoring you, I promise <3