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Xplayn Content

Top 10: Worst Esports Ever

We all know what the best esports are. But what about the worst? We rounded up the Top 10 Worst Esports of All Time for your viewing pleasure.

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Esports - No Girls Allowed

Women in esports and gaming is always a hot topic of debate and contention. But it shouldn't be. Everyone is equal in esports and gaming, and people should support each other.

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Must See News & Content


s1mple: "We'll try to get a new system with B1ad3 and get a dietologist and a psychologist."

StarSeries i-League Season 7 has come to an end, and caught up with tournament MVP, s1mple, to conduct an interview.

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Valde: "mithR's main focus has been to help people improve confidence-wise."

Continuing with's coverage of StarSeries i-League Season 7, they interviewed North's Valde.

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CS:GO Team Ranking - March has released their monthly CS:GO Team Ranking for the Top 30. Notable changes are AGO and Windigo who jumped up 26 and 15 spots respectively.

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s1mple vs. ENCE - StarSeries i-League Season 7

[Dota 2]

The age of TI winners: how old were the legends when they lifted the Aegis?

joinDOTA analyzed all of the winners of Valve's The International, by age. Interesting insight into the spread of ages 16 to 27.

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Sumail, No[o]ne, Ori, Miracle-, and MidOne: the playstyles of five top Midlaners

joinDOTA takes a look at some of the most prolific midlaners in Dota 2, breaking down their play styles.

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Dota 2 Tips: Mars, The God Of War, One Month After Release

ESTNN has put together a beginners guide to playing the latest Dota 2 Champion - Mars.

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