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Xplayn Content

Competitive Gaming Formed In Front Of An Arcade Cabinet

Kim Rom brings you on a nostalgic rollercoaster ride of a journey back into the earliest days of gaming and esports.

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Recent tournaments overview

Upcomming Tournaments Overview

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Must See News & Content


BLAST Pro Series Announce $500,000 Prize Pool for Global Finals

BLAST Pro Series bring an additional $500,000 to their annual prize pool budget, bringing the total amount to $2.25 Million USD.

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FaLLeN: "We know the path we need to take, because we were in this same situation in 2015." interview MIBR's FaLLeN about their recent poor performances while at BLAST Pro Series Miami where the team ultimately placed 3rd.

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[Dota 2]

Rise Of The Machines: OpenAI Destroys OG 2-0

The (in)famous piece of Artificial Intelligence known as OpenAI just claimed its next victim as it defeated OG handily 2-0 in a show match.

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Five Teams Drop From ESL One Mumbai 2019

With five teams dropping from the original 12, the tournament is looking pretty bleak. One team has been added, and the group stage will be modified for 8 teams.

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SoNNeik0 Out Due to Health Reasons, Na'Vi Use Stand-in for ESL One Mumbai 2019

Sadly, due to health reasons, SoNNeik0 must step aside and let Misha take his place at ESL One Mumbai 2019 this week.

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What sponsoring tells us about Dota 2?

joinDOTA tackle the topic of sponsorship and what it tells us about the health and status of the Dota 2 esports community compared to other games like Overwatch.

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