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Xplayn Content

Top 10: Esports Documentaries
Cameron Carson brings you the top 10 esports documentaries of all time, a long with a few extras.

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Xplayn Changelog 0.303x3
What has been going on at Xplayn? Read the changelog and find out!

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Recent tournaments overview

Upcomming Tournaments Overview

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Must See News & Content


RFRSH VP of Commercial Development addresses concerns of conflict of interest between Astralis and BLAST Pro Series

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ESL change rules for Pro League relegation system moving forward

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NiP CEO addresses early return of dennis and status of draken moving forward for the duration of 2019

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[Dota 2]

Registration now open for EPICENTER Major Open Qualifiers

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Position 6 Podcast: Interview with LD, talks about 2GD's influence on his career and more

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A behind the scenes look at character makeup and cosplay with Kvestina

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