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Xplayn Content

Xplayn Battle Station Contest Winners
We announced the two winners of the Battle Station Contest.

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Dota 2 - Volvo's Redheaded Stepchild
Cameron Carson discusses the sad state of Dota 2 esports and what Valve can do to improve the situation for all stake holders.

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Recent tournaments overview

Upcomming Tournaments Overview

csgo dota transfers

Must See News & Content

[CS:GO] highlight video of s1mple from StarSeries I-League S7

CS:GO update sees massive changes to Vertigo, as well as changes to Cobblestone, Overpass, Train, and Inferno

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[Dota 2]

Valve confirms The International dates: August 20-25

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Virtus.Pro currently sits atop DPC points leaderboard

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OpenAI currently has win rate of 99.4%

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joinDOTA profile Keen Gaming - a new era of Chinese Dota 2

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