Play Hard, Make History

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Xplayn 1.0. We're an independent discovery platform for esports gear and gaming equipment, with a data-driven algorithmic Xscore-ranking of every 🖱️ ⌨️ 🎧 & ◼️ in esports.
We aggregate data & first-hand experience from professional players and the core gaming community.

We're on a quest to build the world's most useful discovery engine for esports gear, respectfully served without advertising crap or marketing mumbojumbo. We started Xplayn because we were sick of reading paid reviews with a bunch of marketing language that doesn't mean anything.

This is a noble and peaceful quest for a group of aging esports veterans.

*All numbers illustrative, screenshot not based on actual data or user ratings. It's just a visualization, okay?

Xplayn is a new community standard for how pc gaming peripherals are benchmarked and truly valued. A free research tool for the pcmasterrace community, monetized through relevant and informative referral links that don't crap all over the user experience.

Most websites in gaming operate on an advertising or sponsorship-driven business model, which devalues either user experience or content credibility. Or, both. We have chosen a different path for Xplayn.


It's not our job to sell you USB-powered plastic devices from China, it's our job to show you what the best gear is and the data behind it. And what brands/products that are best avoided, obviously.

We think of Xplayn as a community in the making, not as a hardware publication, not as an ecommerce platform, nothing like that.


Xplayn's Mission

is to empower players to win more and to honor the professionals who win the best


We strive for content with color and heart, laughter is the best solution to a pathetic headshot rate. We hope our articles, videos, or weird tribute projects can help shine some additional amount of USB-powered RGB disco on your esports experience.


Xplayn is seriously esports, not serious esports. The esports community, by it's very nature, is based on shooting people in the head, planting bombs, and clicking ass. That's what we do, that's who we are.

Esports is exciting because it's our culture to define, without having to deal with deadweight corrupt organizations of people who play with their balls. We're 20 years in, but everything is still fresh.

We have a long way to go and many months of work ahead of us. But, I am confident that Xplayn will be significantly more useful in just a few months, as we aggregate more data and ratings.

Thank you for registering and slotting your build, every MicroReview gets us one step closer to critical mass. #esportsdreamisreal

On behalf of team Xplayn,

Kim Rom