Xscore is a global ranking for mice, keyboards, headsets, and mousepads in esports. Based on data and first-hand experience from verified hardcore gamers and professional players using their gear to win money.



An independent and data-driven approach to evaluating PC gaming gear on a global scale, a community-powered debuff to editorial hype, paid advertorials, and fake reviews. A new community standard for how pc gaming peripherals are benchmarked and truly valued.

These main categories comprise the backbone of the Xscore ensuring a fair and representative 360 degree review of each piece of gear on xplayn.com.

  • Performance, a measure of how much the product enables a gamer's ability to perform in game.
  • Comfort, a measure of how product ergonomics supports the ability to play for longer, with less fatigue.
  • Build Quality, a measure of the products reliability and durability.
  • Value for Money, a measure of the products Cost/Benefit to a gamer today.

The main categories are supplemented with esports data (professional players using product) and normalized/metascored media reviews.


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Verified users just like you, giving you in-depth reviews of why a piece of gear is the best thing since the Boomslang or why it may as well be a trackpad.  

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Media Reviews

Every media review on the Internet. Collected and meta-scored for your convenience. We compile and normalize thousands of peripheral reviews from the mainstream gaming and tech media.